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Bit by Bit Bodyworks Will Help You:
Tune in & calm the nervous system
Gain hope in what is possible at any age
Understand & resolve pain & tension patterns
Nurture building block reflexes & neuromuscular patterns
Learn the ABC’s of improving strength, flexibility and posture
– Awareness, easy Breathing & Compassionate Curiosity
Release & re-pattern over engaged neuromuscular patterns & muscles


One-on-One Yoga Sessions

Your best choice for personal progress. In a one-on-one session we review your medical history, current symptoms and desired goals. Together we work with mindful movement, corrective exercises, breath tools, and relaxation techniques to unwind pain/strain/tension patterns, develop and retrain neuromuscular patterns improving joint mobility, joint stability, core stability, postural patterns, & circulation. You receive a written summary of your session with movements and practices to work with between sessions. The sessions are about you & what you need in the moment to progress toward your desired goals.

Sessions are available in Calgary (at Physical Solutions, #1 6624 Centre St SE) in Kelowna (at Okanagan Natural Care Centre, #3 1890 Ambrosi Rd) and via Skype / FaceTime.   To book a session click the link below and choose from the available dates and times in red on the schedule. Sessions are $85/hour with packages of 4, 6 and 8 available at a reduced rate. Check out the schedule to book your session or purchase a package.


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Group Classes

Group classes are a wonderful way to get into your body and gain awareness of your unique movement and breath patterns without needing to turn yourself into a pretzel to do it. If you have ever done yoga and at the end of the class thought “Thank goodness I survived that” join me for a completely different experience. Enjoy gentle, non jarring, mindful movements, corrective exercises, breathe easy, simple meditation and mind quieting techniques and leave feeling better than when you arrived.

To view or register for current and upcoming classes click the link below and choose from the available classes in Orange on the schedule. Classes may be registered only or allow drop in attendance. Simply scroll over the class you are interested in to see which options are available for the classes you want to attend.


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Workshops provide an opportunity to explore a topic/theme in more depth. There is plenty of time for you settle into a supportive space and have an unique and individual experience. As with all our offerings you will feel cared for, supported and grow your awareness in these 90 minute to 5 hour offerings.

Topics include: Developing A Dynamic and Responsive Core, Positive Posture Practices, Building Awareness, Mantras and Mudras For Healing, Reset, Reconnect & Renew, Healthy Hips, Supple, Stable Shoulders, Morning and Evening Practices For Better Health and Healthy Sleep & Calm Steady StrongTM.

To view or register for current and upcoming workshops click the link below and click on the Yellow workshop that interests you.


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