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What Clients Say

What Clients Say

We’ve been fortunate to work with so many wonderful clients over the years. Being part of their healing journeys, witnessing their progress & growth through one-on-one sessions, group classes and workshops is truly inspiring.

– Virtual client, Vail Dixon

“Working with Dawn has meant coming home again. I spent years wanting to be anywhere else but in this body. Without realizing it, I beat myself down with telling myself how I should be, how it should move, what it should be doing. As a yoga teacher, I used my yoga practice to escape instead of to come home to my body. And in that growing anxiety, I started to experience physical pain as well.

This pain culminated with breaking one foot when I was 5 months pregnant with my third babe and then breaking the other foot when that same babe was 15 months old. When I saw myself as broken and unfixable, Dawn saw my perfection and potential. She saw that I was doing the absolute best I could in the moment with the skills I had at that time. She stepped in to translate for my own quiet, soft and ever-intelligent voice of wisdom. I couldn’t hear that voice for so long because it was buried under my anger and frustration at myself. She gave it sound when I could not yet.

I can now say that I hear my own little inner voice of wisdom and compassion. Dawn saw my potential before I could glimpse it for myself. Now I am physically the strongest and most balanced I can remember ever being. And that sense of strength and not being beaten came quickly – only 3 months or so into working with her. Since then, it has only grown. I trust my body now. And just as important, it trusts me.

I am ever grateful for Dawn’s wisdom, eyes and playfulness. I move through her sessions enamoured by my own body and what it can do and learn. Her innate talent for seeing me as both whole and unlimited for growth combined with her skill in biomechanics and movement nurture unimaginable growth across mind, body and soul. I am forever grateful. And clearly effusive!

Thank you, dear Dawn, for inviting me (and, as needed, coaxing me and kicking me in the butt) to rediscover my wholeness. Thank you. And for all of you reading this, please go see her. She is a gift to the World.”

– Virtual client, Yoga Therapist and mother of 3 in her 30’s


“As you know, there are several little “Golden Nuggets” that I have learned from the past 10 months of working together. They all carry a different importance and value based upon where I am at currently both physically and emotionally, and all have different ways of being expressed through ideology, movement and specific stretches/exercises.

Last week, when you and I were talking about reprogramming and having a new conversation with myself, and the idea of “Trust this…” really seemed to resonate with me. I felt I was able to empower myself and celebrate small victories rather than live in despair and disappointment. From simply walking down the stairs, doing my breathing and stretching exercises or hauling groceries after tromping around the jobsite for hours…that dialogue has been very helpful.

During the Foundations Program, something has stuck with me as well….”threat without support, you live in a constant state of survival mode”. Now I have several interpretations of this, support from family and friends, and support in the form of resistance and exercises. Either way, this is a good concept for me to come back to and evaluate where I can improve to get out of the cycle of survival mode. All our time together, there has been an underflowing current that you have shared, that I am deserving of doing more than just getting by.

Lastly, when we first started meeting you explained that our bodies are designed to harness the energy of the earth. There was something primal about that conversation and concept that I refer back to often. It has created an environment where I do not need to feel insular but rather part of a bigger picture, and somehow even when I feel like my support system may be broken, I fall back to the thought that the earth is my biggest support. For me, this has been completely life changing and a priceless gift that you have given me.”

– Calgary business owner and mother in her 50’s


“Awareness….. no wait.

I’ve always been aware. I think most of us are aware we are just afraid or lazy or fill our time with so many other things and don’t take the time to listen to what we are aware of…..if that makes sense.

When you chose not to listen to your body, your heart, your soul, your environment you naturally learn how to be deaf. You showed me…. invited me …… to learn how to hear again.

And what I have gained with out question is more love. And that breathing with movement, simple movement can be amazingly impactful.”

– Virtual client and business owner in his 60’s



“Dawn has made a tremendous improvement in my health and ability to enjoy life.”

The Before:
Before I came to Dawn, I was experiencing decreased mobility and chronic pain in my legs such that every step had pain. Every morning when I woke up, I would hobble around like a much older man. The final straw when I tried to run across the street and I physically could not get into a run to make the light.

I liked Dawn’s practical approach that explained the concepts of what she was trying to accomplish in ways that an engineer could understand! She uses analogies related to physical structures in the mechanical world.

Dawn is a great listener, patient and understanding. She keeps it simple with reasonable expectations from me each week and also teaches me to be patient with myself. She has a saying “observe what you observe and learn what you learn”. She has taught me to be observant of myself and how I react vs. just “pushing it through” as men often do. She always makes me feel like I am making progress even when the results are not apparent to me. When I travel, she shares how to use the items around like a stair, a rolled towel or a rock. I do not have to haul a bunch of equipment around.

Dawn always gave me hope and confidence that it would turn out. Her attitude was motivating.

First Results:
Progress was gradual until one day I woke up and I did not hobble like I had been accustomed to every morning before. I could walk normally, not like the much older man that I had previously felt like. One day, I realized I was walking with no pain.

Subsequent Results:
The progress has continued with a variety of increased mobility, like increased mobility of my neck (great for driving), my head being perpendicular to my shoulders instead of at any angle, more flexibility in my legs and many other small victories. This came slowly and one day I realized I could do something that I could not do before. My golf game also improved.

– Calgary Engineer in his 60’s