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Sample Bits

Sample Bits

Over the years we have filmed some of our favourite movements & self care tools. This collection of 5-20 minute yoga clips is intended to support you as you practice between one-on-one sessions and group classes. Each clip has been tagged to make finding exactly what you are looking for easy.

For example if you are looking for small movements, because you are just getting started click on “itty bitty bit” and only those clips will appear. If you are interested medium movements click on “bitty bit” and for bigger movements “bit.” Looking for clips to help Hip Health, Neck Health, Pelvic Floor Health?  Simply click on the theme you are interested in exploring and all the clips pertaining to that theme are at your finger tips.

“Explore, play and discover what is possible with awareness and ease.”

dawn ross yoga clips

November Sample Bit

Tease out the tissues of the thighs and calves with a couple of tennis balls or yoga tune up balls. Take 5 to nurture awareness and relax the tissues of the leg. When our tissues relax and we move with awareness of the bones there is more stability and ease available.

Explore, play and discover what is possible with awareness and ease.

October Sample Bit

Dr Ida Rolf coined the term “Where you think it is. it ain’t.” Meaning when there is pain in the body, often where the problem is, is not where the pain is.

September Sample Bit

A Google search and look in my Anatomy textbooks indicates the average adult body has 206 bones, 26 bones are in each foot, which means roughly 1/4 of the total bones are in our feet. Each foot and ankle has 33 moveable joints! Our feet carry us through each day and deserve a load of love.

August Sample Bit

Unwind the shoulders, upper & mid back with this 8 minute sequence. Great for anyone wishing to improve shoulder mobility and stability.

Modified Alexander Shoulder Stretch

Connecting the movement of the arm, ribcage and spine in this side lying twist improves shoulder and spinal mobility. A great way to free up the thoracic spine and relieve mid and upper back tension.

Pigeon Pose

This clip is for a special client who loved the stretch sensation of forward fold pigeon pose (know there are a few of you out there). Problem is years of doing this pose passively and his hip mobility or stability were not improving. We played with a simple lunge and progressed to this variation which offers him a stretch sensation while cultivating more weight bearing hip stability and mobility. Love my little helper in this clip. Florence strikes again;).