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Dawn Ross

About Dawn Ross

My passion for anatomy, biomechanics and movement began in 1998, the year I became a YMCA and AFLCA Certified Fitness Leader. Over the years I have expanded my knowledge of physiology, anatomy, movement, biomechanics and healing arts becoming certified in:

  • Pilates Mat and Standing – Physical Mind Institute
  • Hatha Yoga – 500 hr YTT Tandava Yoga (formally Trinity Yoga)
  • IAYT 1000 hour Certified Yoga Therapist with Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy

As well as training in:

  • Reembody Method Certified Apprentice
  • Walking the Lines: Anatomy Trains, Gait & Fascial Efficiency – James Earls
  • RMTi Level 1 and Level 2 – Rhythmic Movement and Reflex Integration with Sonia Story
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization –  Rehabilitation Prague School
  • iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1
  • Calm, Steady, Strong TM – Yoga for Cancer Survivors with Functional Synergy Yoga Therapy
  • Yin Yoga – Jamie Mathiasen Therapeutic Yoga
  • Somatics – The Canadian Somatics Centre
  • Mantra – Yvonne Werkmann: Pure Motion Therapeutics
  • Yamas and Niyamas and Mind Study – Deborah Adele
  • Ayurveda – Matthew Remski & Janati Yoga with Mona Warner

Over the decades as a fitness and yoga teacher I noticed often a verbal or hands on cue resulted in a change that affected another part of the body negatively. Times it felt like a game of “Whack-A-Mole” chasing an issue around the body but never truly resolving it. It was curious to me when participants experienced pain in the ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists or backs that didn’t get better. Even though they were doing all the things they were “supposed” to be doing. Often their pain got worse. Modifying the movement seemed to be a bandage, not a solution. I wanted to help people find a solution and resolve their long standing physical issues. Heck, I wanted to resolve my long standing physical issues – tight hamstrings, weak right knee, incontinence and SI pain!

Stretching what was tight and strengthening what appeared to be weak didn’t produce long term results for me, my clients or participants in classes. Things felt better short term but I watched myself and others looping in a cycle of trying to “fix/strengthen or stretch” an area of pain and sliding into resignation thinking this was just the way it was and would always be – “I’ve had 4 kids, an old ACL and MCL injury, I’m almost 40, etc.”

In 2011, I began my search in earnest seeking out people and programs getting the results I wanted for my body, for my clients and for my participants. I began to study and learn Yoga Therapy with Susi Hately of Functional Synergy, Yamas & Niyamas and Mind Study with Deborah Adele,  Ayurveda with Matthew Remski and then Mona Warner. I began MY own healing journey and I have not stopped. Using the ABC’s of healing – awareness, easy breath & compassionate curiosity I began to heal my body, bit by bit.

“My Body Is A Wonderland” as John Mayer would say and everyday my body communicates and reveals to me how I am doing. It guides me in knowing what I need to nurture or quiet, whether I need rest, to dance, to play or to sweat. I no longer have tight hamstrings (they were tight from about the age of 12 if memory serves me), my right knee is performing well, sciatic pain and incontinence have been resolved. In my 40’s my body is stronger, more supple, more stable and doing things that surprise and delight me daily. This past year I worked to gain what was required biomechanically and what was required of my nervous system to walk across a slack line ( a 2 inch wide piece of webbing strung between 2 trees) without assistance. It took some time but I did it! I am working on walking backwards on the same slack line and developing what is required to do a chin up without bracing. I’ll let you know how I do in updates in my monthly newsletter.

Please know that if you haven’t found lasting relief or a solution to your problem or pain, it is not because it is unsolvable. You are not defective or beyond the point of repair. Your body is not “just the way it is,” without hope of change. You simply haven’t found a process that works for you, Yet.

As you nurture awareness of the “bit” you are interested in resolving; are compassionately curious with what is in your awareness; and work consistently and gently with what is in your awareness, things will shift. With awareness and ease, change is always possible, and life changing. I’m here to support you to discover what is possible for You.


dawn ross therapeutic yoga instructor

Dawn lives and works in Calgary, Alberta (Sept – June) and Kelowna, British Columbia (July-August) sharing her philosophy of awareness, ease, compassionate curiosity and whole body & mind integration with her clients, group classes, workshop participants and the trainers & yoga teachers she mentors.